In a competitive market today, more is always required of a company. This is the forte of Neville with 3 decades of market and industrial experience as an engineer to assist technical teams in becoming more effective communicators and managers.

This well structured seminar aims to improve the productivity and goals of an organization besides enhancing internal communication for better performance.

As an achieved technical leader with bench leveling and team leading experiences managing a technical division, Neville was awarded the Black Engineer of the Year (BEYA) Professional Achievement in 2005. He will use these insights to help your technical staff to more effective communicators and managers.

Speak to Rise Up!

Neville offers exciting and dynamic insights and strategies for better presentation skills that enforce clear communication amongst team members. These seminars convey versatile communication ideas and solutions with interviewing skills to task any project in any work environment or personal development.

Lighthouse Leadership – Leading through the storm

Effective strategies on how teams would lead efficiently despite changing factors to be successful. Neville’s impressive track record includes an immense transformation on a 34-chapter of 500 strong non-profit organization. His strategies are geared towards transforming all organizations into winners in the market.

Navigate to your Dreams – Goal setting/achievement keynote

Neville provides outline strategies via a 5F formula to motivate attendees in higher performance and productivity and achieve their goals.